Sunday, June 22, 2008

Adventures in India: Update from Dharamsala

Not too much is new. I've been to two yoga classes, today and yesterday. Very exhausting! I am starting to get in shape and trying to learn how to relax. It really is a very pleasant and enjoyable activity. I will continue with classes for two more days and learn more exercises, meditations and self-healing techniques.

I've been busy doing work for Saswot and just hanging out with him. I've never met anyone who emanates positive energy like he does. I think the secret to his success will be the fact that you feel happy just being with him. I hope I didn't paint a picture of a hard-luck case who tells everyone about his problems all the time and begs for help. That is far from the case! He is a very exciting and optimistic person. He is also fun to be with and is a great conversationalist. I have learned a lot about many things. He's really no different from any other friend (he hates to be thought of as a leader, guru, teacher, etc. - just a good friend). If I had met him back home, we'd go Frisbee golfing together. I'd have to keep pointing him towards the hole, but I think he'd do alright.

I saw a one hour documentary about the Buddhist philosophy and rituals involving death. It explained attitudes and ceremonies used to prepare people for death and to help them reincarnate - very interesting. It was called "The Tibetan Book of the Dead." I wish I had more time for movies and learning opportunities.

I'm finally getting the hang of the town. I've met many friendly folks and now meet people that I know regularly in the streets So much to do. One month is not even enough time to get your feet wet here. Six months to one year is the most common length of people's trips.

I'll hopefully get to see the Great Indian Desert next week.

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