Monday, June 2, 2008

Melbourne: Home of Australia's own sport, Aussie Rules football

06/27/01 - Greyhound Bus en route to Melbourne, 1458

Currently on the "road to Gundagai". We should drive past in the next hour or so.

Lots and lots sheep out here, a fair few cows too. But mostly lots of sheep. LOTS. And New Zealand will have even more. I imagine the main difference between here and in New Zealand is a more vibrant green in the grass, hills and trees in contrast to the rustiness of Australian environment.

The Hume Highway runs like a vein through Australian rural history. Gundagui and the dog on the tucker box are all turn offs from this stretch of highway. I've seen some odd things along the way as well: for instance a huge submarine literally sitting on a roadside in the middle of a rural town.

Had a fun night last night; karaoke downstairs in the bar. I was apprehensive at first, but after a while, it was quite entertaining - strictly as a spectator sport though (this time anyway). The most memorable moment was an English guy with a Fear Factory shirt singing "Down Under" by Men at Work. Not surprisingly, the more beer you drank, the more fun you had.

Really didn't do much this morning. Canberra seems to be devoid of accessible and affordable Internet access which is very annoying. No doubt I'll be able to get my Internet fix in Melbourne.

No hostels tonight - luckily I'll be staying with my friend Catherine in Fitzroy.

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